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Complete package

Whether the storage capacity of your tank has reduced due to accumulated sludge or you require an accurate estimate of your remaining tank bottom lifetime, A.Hak Industrial Services has the solution to seamlessly match your needs. From profiling to cleaning and inspections, our Tank Services offer you a full range of worry-free services. Our state-of-the-art methods, techniques and experienced specialists mean we provide one of the best and most cost-effective solutions for your tanks’ challenges.

Custom-made solutions
Every tank is different and calls for a custom-made solution. From sludge profiling and desludging to cleaning and inspection, A.Hak Industrial Services offers a complete package of services that you can combine or use individually. Our experts will discuss with you the best solution for your tank issue while keeping your tank online as long as possible. Regardless of the type of product – whether it is crude oil, refined products or water – your tank is in good hands.

Safety first
A.Hak Industrial Services offers you the safest solutions for your storage tanks. All our services are non-man entry to ensure safe operations, and we minimize the number of people required on the tank roof. We use closed-loop systems, environmentally friendly products and HD cameras and conduct permanent gas monitoring. Our equipment is either ATEX and/or I.S. certified or we are developing new solutions to maximize the safety level of our services.

Sludge and debris reduce your storage capacity. Accumulated sludge can cause damage when landing the tank roof, and taking your tank out of service costs you valuable operating time. With hydrocarbons trapped in the sludge you miss out on valuable commodities. Our integrated services provide you with the solution, optimizing your tanks’ performance and saving you time and money.

Apart from cleaning, all our services are carried out while your tank remains in service. Our accurate 3D sludge profiling can reveal the amount and distribution of the sludge, and samples can reveal its composition. With our desludging service we can recover up to 95% of trapped hydrocarbons. Our inspection robots give you a clear picture of the actual corrosion taking place. By replicating the inspection, we can monitor ongoing corrosion in the tank bottom for a better understanding of the lifecycle of your tank.

The ARCC System enables rapid and precise cleaning thanks to the use of HD cameras. This allows us to look directly into the tank and guide the cleaning process, which saves time. Combining our services is even more time-efficient and cost-effective.

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