Tank storage


Reduced downtime = reduced costs

A.Hak Industrial Services (HIS) have developed a strategy to become a full service solution provider for tanks, with a particular focus on online services that allow tanks to stay in use. Traditional services require the tanks to be fully emptied, resulting in a loss of production time as well as additional costs associated with engineers entering the tank to carry out maintenance. At HIS, we have developed tools and technologies to avoid these negative impacts on your business operations.

We offer online ultrasonic tank bottom inspection by means of robots. If the amount of sludge is unknown we offer an online sludge profiling by means of acoustic measurements. This information allows us to determine the feasibility of the robotic inspection. With the new high-quality ARCC System (ATEX Remonte Controlled Cleaning), we can clean tanks efficiently due to HD cameras mounted on the remote controlled cannons.

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