Protecting your investment

The origins of A.Hak Industrial Services (HIS) lie primarily in pipeline construction. Then, over the years, as pipelines aged and owners began to develop maintenance and service strategies, HIS decided to extend their focus more towards integrity and maintenance as a way to keep their assets in optimal condition and extend their lifetime.

Today, the overall strategy of HIS is to safeguard the integrity of pipelines and, when required, manage all aspects of our client’s asset.

This includes:
  • Pipeline testing
  • Pipeline drying
  • Pipeline pigging
  • Pipeline cleaning
  • Ultrasonic pipeline inspection
  • Assessment of pipelines and repairs
  • Pre-commissioning, commissioning and abandonment
  • Data management of all relevant pipeline data.
Through our parent company, A.Hakpark, we offer pipeline design and construction services including, engineering, mechanical maintenance, construction and repairs amongst other required activities.

Today, A.Hak Industrial Services, combined with the services available through A.Hakpark group, are proud to be able to offer essential services throughout all phases of a pipeline’s life cycle.

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